Timber Rattlesnake beside the Appalachian Trail near Kempton, Pennsylvania

All photos © H. Stephen Kerr

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Northern Fence Lizard
Prairie Lizard
Five-Lined Skink
Florida Lizards, Skinks & Anoles
Scarletsnake, Kingsnake, Milksnake
Eastern Garter Snake
Brown Snake & Redbelly Snake
Northern Ring-necked Snake
Eastern Worm Snake
Rough Green Snake
Northern Water Snake
Black Rat Snake
Timber Rattlesnake
Rock Rattlesnake
Northern Copperhead
Eastern Cottonmouth
Florida Snakes
Eastern Painted Turtle
Wood Turtle
Snapping Turtle
Eastern Box Turtle
Spotted & Mud Turtles
Diamondback Terrapin
Great Smoky Mountain Salamanders
Marbled Salamander
RedBack Salamander
Slimy Salamander
Northern Spring Salamander
Northern Two-lined Salamander
Four-toed Salamander
Northern Dusky Salamander
Mountain Dusky Salamander
Northern Red Salamander
Red Eft
Fowler's and American Toads
Green Frog & Bullfrog
Leopard Frog & Pickerel Frog
Carpenter Frog & Wood Frog
Gray Treefrog
New Jersey Chorus Frog
Pine Barrens Treefrog
Spring Peeper

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